Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fun Activities and Historic Landmarks in Deerfield, Florida

Renowned for its peaceful and beautiful beaches, Deerfield Beach is located in Broward County, facing the Atlantic Ocean, just two miles south of the Palm Beaches and twenty miles north of Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida. Because of the city’s sunny climate, Deerfield Beach is considered a great tourist destination.  In fact, in the year 2000 the city received the Blue Wave award for one of the most pristine beaches in the State of Florida. 

A city with a population of more than 77, 000 residents, Deerfield has a lot of programs and recreational activities that you will surely enjoy.  First, for sporty tourists, this city is host to the Women's Professional Volleyball Association Tour and Superboat Power Race. It also has a lot of green spaces with 266 developed acres of parks at 30 sites. The sports amenities include a gymnasium, several outdoor basketball courts, two roller hockey rinks, tennis courts, golf courses (private or public),and more . Beaches, parks (community/neighborhood), and natural eco-parks are also here in this area. Additionally, the government of Deerfield Beach sponsors a wide variety of special events throughout the year including Mango Festival, Founder's Day, Beach Blowout, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Moonlight Melodies Summer Beach Concerts.

Hotel view from the city

 For a place to stay in Deerfield, here are some of the city’s top hotels: Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort, Carriage House Resort Motel, Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach Resort, and Tropic Isle Beach Resort. Now, let’s try to discover the city’s scenic spots, one by one. Firstly, we have Deerfield’s Quiet Waters Park.

Deerfield Park
 This water park has an area of 431.4 acres with a man made beach and a skate park is can be found in this wonderful park. You can also enjoy fishing on the shores of its lakes. Located at the heart of the Quiet Waters Park, Ski Rixen has a comprehensive cable water skiing system and comes as one of America's first Cable water ski resorts.

Cable water skiing

This water skiing utopia has new, fun and affordable water skiing system that pulls you silently over glassy smooth water.. Another awesome park in the area is the Deerfield Island Park. This nature preserve has boardwalk, an 8-acre mangrove swamp, observation platform over the waterway, a picnic area with tables, grills and one shelter, playground, guided tours, and marina. 

But if you want to go diving and buy your own diving equipments, Deerfield has the Dixie Divers to serve you. Aside from that you can also enjoy spear fishing, snorkeling, and more. For young adventurers, Deerfield has the best venues for summer camps like the Woodmont Summer Camp and the Zion Lutheran Christian School Summer Camps.  One must not also forget Deerfield’s Annual Founder’s Days which include a parade, “bed race”, motorcycle show, family carnival, fireworks display and live concerts. The city also has numerous restaurants located along the beach or piers. Boating and sailing can also be experienced at the shores of this beach city.

shores at Deerfield

Deerfield Beach is a one of a kind city abundant with nature’s love and serenity. It’s a place for the young, the old, and yes, absolutely for everyone. You can never afford to miss its scenic spots.

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