Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top Deerfield Beach Florida Restaurants

For tourists, the place’s beautiful natural attractions, historical landscapes, and fun activities are the things they look forward. But the most important thing that they will never forget after visiting that place is the food. Here in Deerfield, a food trip is great thing to do while touring. With the various cuisines served by its cozy restaurants, one kind truly say that Deerfield is a hub of extensive delicacies.

Now, let’s start with JB’s on the beach restaurant. This famous Deerfield Beach restaurant is located in the sunny sands of the Atlantic Ocean. It is o a great day time spot especially if you are hanging on the beach. Among Broward County Restaurants, JB’s On the Beach has always been a standout in Deerfield Beach. It is known for its mellow vibe, relaxed clientele, and beautiful sunsets. The lobster pizza that it serves is very good and fish tacos are light and tasty. Clients can also enjoy JB’s homemade chips. 

JB's Restaurant
Another fabulous restaurant in Deerfield is the OCEANS 234. Still located along the beach, dining at OCEANS 234 gives you a chance to enjoy the calm ocean breezes and fantastic view from its deck overlooking the ocean while dining on fresh Florida seafood and luscious tropical drinks. You can also listen to live music while sipping on one of its specialty cocktails.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a healthy meal, then Marlee’s Diner is perfect for you.Marlee's Diner offers a variety of delicious meals: a diverse breakfast menu, a wonderful vegetarian selection, hearty Mediterranean platters, and low-carb options for their dieting and diabetic guests. But if you don't find what you like on their extensive menu, they are willing to do their best to accommodate your desires. The foods that Marlee’s serve are all at a reasonable price. No wonder Marlee’s Diner has been one of the most popular destination place in Deerfield Beach for almost 20 years.

Marleen's Diner
 Now, if you’re searching for a delicious and fresh Deerfield Beach Pizza or Italian Restaurant, then the Times Square Pizzeria is the best for you.  Here in this restaurant, you will find the best and cheapest priced pizzas and Italian style dishes, made in true New York Style. Famously known for cooking their pizzas on hot stones, Times Square Pizzeria will happily offer take-out or super fast delivery services. Other items on the menu include delicious subs, salads, calzones, pastas and much more tuna salad, tiramisu, French toast, bread pudding, crème Brulee, chicken parmesan, pancakes, grits, biscuits, French fries, eggplant parmesan, cannoli, steaks, chicken-fried steak, garlic bread. For those who love to have the most daring food trips, Whale’s Rib Restaurant is a place you should go. Whale's Rib has been known as one of the locals' favorites with its ‘dive bars’ that serve fresh local seafood. 

Whale's Rib
Here you can savor the taste of Whale Chips, Whale sauce, Whale’s ribs, Whale fries, fried Dolphin’s fingers, Dolphin burger, fried clams and lobster bisque. Everything in Whale’s Rib is totally unforgettable.  Lastly, we have Deerfield’s Bagel Bagel Cafe suitable for breakfast, lunch or for a quick snack when craving fresh foods. Located in the Coconut Creek Shopping Center, this fantastic bagel company offers a scrumptious variety of foods to choose from. They offer breakfast, hot/cold subs, hot soups, fresh salads and delicious wraps.
Those are just a few of Deerfield’s many excellent restaurants. It is in Deerfield Beach Florida wherein everything is set for your own needs, choices, and tastes.

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